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Hundejacken aus Lammfel nach Maß ange
  • Environmental Benefits

Katharina Karl also retains a serious environmental responsibility to safe guard and sustain our precious natural resources.

All skins are obtained strictly under the regulations of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. 

Various rawhides for our selected leather collection originate from North and South Africa, where the herds are grazing in wide open spaces. These species are growing up in a natural environment where the skins are a side product. 

These loved ones feel comfortable in a KK jacket using even the smallest pieces.

The tanning and dyeing is regulated under highest standards for leather production so that durability and highest comfort are achieved by either the traditional method of mineral or vegetable tanning. 


Katharina Karl - carrying forward the more than 160 years of family tradition remains unwavering committed to the conservation of our natural resources, to quality, innovation and people.

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